jeudi, février 24, 2005

Drunk Post

So, I'm cooking drunk tonight. Correction- I am CUTTING drunk tonight. Yes, I am cutting various vegetables with a very large knife while intoxicated. I highly recommend it. (Seriously, every time I drink- which is rarely- I feel it like a calling- a vocation. I am drawn to it. Would love to make this feeling my life's work. Is that so wrong?) Emmylou Harris sings Thanks to You (Cowgirl's Prayer, in case you were wondering) while my buzz improves everything I do. I've told you a trillion times that food is love. And it is. People fall into one or more of three categories: auditory, visual and/ or kinesthetic. I am cursed, probably, with all three. Kinesthetic gets taken care of with food. And that's sad, really. (And I'm drunk, really.)

But, to my main point tonight: alcohol. I was asked recently if I'd ever found out how much I could drink. And I was wondering if "how much" referred to the point where you vomit and/ or get the spins or pass out, etc. I didn't ask. So I don't know. Maybe someday... But everytime I get loopy, I wonder why I'm not an alcoholic. Because it's fun to be loopy. And more importantly, I calm down. My cousin, the doctor, tells me that this (and the fact that I feel much improved by cold medicine) may be an indication that I have adult attention defficiency disorder. (If that's misspelled, I would like to remind you that I'm drunk and isn't appealing to my lulu brain.) I'm not going to take medication for that, even if I've got it, but I will admit to being too tightly wound. And I'm trying to fix that. (And, if you must know, food doesn't help. God bless my metabolism. Just thought that was an appropriate thought to add, because food gets used more often than not.) So, exercise, perhaps? Meditation, maybe?

Alcohol works, too.