mercredi, avril 05, 2006

maybe you're my mickey rooney

and i'm your judy g. and we can fool around with other people but we're idiots not to be happy together.

maybe i know you better. maybe i like you best. maybe if i've got to disappoint anybody (or be disappointed) i'd rather break up with your brother. (maybe those aren't even options. maybe those aren't the only options. maybe i'm grateful. maybe i'm an ingrate.)

maybe life is messy. maybe a girl's got a right to change her mind. maybe you're turning into popeye. maybe i'm turning japanese. (or maybe not.)

maybe this is all moot. maybe we're having a fight. are we having a fight? do you egregiously disagree with me right now? maybe my stomach doesn't hurt anymore. maybe i won't tell you though. maybe i will.

maybe we should be on that show. maybe i will flash the audience. probably not. maybe the producers will offer me more money. maybe i'll reconsider. no? oh, well.

maybe you two will wrestle and i'll slap you both for good measure. maybe you'll insult each other and the audience won't know you're in love. (but not with me.) maybe we make a fine show. maybe it'll get ugly. maybe?!

maybe i will fling down my mic and flounce off stage only to return thirty seconds later with more energy, more emotion and more bad wannabe poetry. (only fitting.) maybe i'm going to have to laugh at myself when i watch this later. maybe you're gonna have to laugh, too. daryk will have to laugh by himself.

maybe everybody needs to shut up now. i said shut up!

i wanna hear jerry's final thoughts. i just know they're gonna change my life.