mercredi, avril 06, 2005

First Light

Usually the man sleeps like he's been dead to the world for over a decade, but this is different. His eyes open and he swivels his head around to view the rest of his room. Nothing has changed here. But something... something has woken him with a jolt. Hope. That's what this is, he thinks. He knows he should be happy, but his head is spinning. He feels confused and teary-eyed at the same time. But hope rose at first light and has no time for anything less than real, good life.

He makes his dazed way into the kitchen and there's God sitting at the breakfast bar. Finishing the last bowl of corn flakes no less. He feels momentarily irritated and sighs. Hope. That's the extraordinary thing this a.m. No need to get caught up in cereal trivialities. God glances and grins- like He's read his thoughts, the omniscient bastard. As roommates go, though, God is good.

"Nevermind the cornflakes, m'boy. Got you something better." God lifts a box of Smurfberry Crunch up from behind the emptied cereal box. All the man can do is grin like a jackass. This shouldn't even exist, he knows. They don't even make this cereal any more. But before he even opens the box and pours the first bowl, he knows that this is fresh. This is new.

"God, this is good. No, scratch that-", he says with his mouth full," this is perfect." God shrugs, "You know how I roll." And then there's that grin again. "Well, that's it for me. Got things to do," God say, shoving back from the bar. He looks over and says seriously, "You keep your chin up, man. You never know when you're gonna find a good thing." "A good thing, huh?", the man says, not really believing it. But hope has taken up residence and sends him a twinge he cannot ignore. It feels like pain. But it's not pain. It's hope.

God waits until He's around the corner and into the living room to let out His breath. Tears roll down His face. Quietly, He says,"You have no idea, kid. The things I planned for you..." The man yells, "What's that? You talking to yourself again, God? You're losing it bigtime!" He thinks he's funny. God steadies His voice before He yells, "I know, right? Losin' it."

God grins and mutters under his breath, "You can thank me later for looking out for you, crazy person. In the meantime, since I know what I have planned for you..." Here God breaks down again. "I will joy over you with singing." And He does.

(I have heard this singing, I tell you. I have heard this singing for years now. You turn that volume up right this minute 'cuz I gotta get up and dance. I said, TURN IT UP! Where all my party people at? I know I am not gonna be the only fool out on this dance floor. If I can move tomorrow, I haven't done this right.)