mardi, août 17, 2004

Finally Found A Friend

You know how you meet people who just make you happy? People, it turns out, you also have a knack for making happy? This guy,Jaeson, is one of those. He is living proof that working for McKinsey & Company will kill your sense of humor. Once while watching the dancing bears (dancing bares, ahem, dancing girls) beside me during a Cleveland Cavs halftime, he sang this song: "There's something in my pants, that makes me want to dance." And I do think that just about sums it up.

I'd thought I'd lost track of him for good until yesterday, when another good friend (to be revealed later) sent me his current info. He's living in Guadalajara where he runs his bobbleheaded business. This man is my hero. I see his scruffy face and want to make sweet, sweet happy. I do, after all, have a knack for it.

3 commentaires:

  1. I went to this young person's website and suggested that his little enterprise of artists recreate the last supper. Other kids are doing it.

  2. I want a personalized bobblehead! That is nifty.

  3. What a crazy guy. I think we could all use a bobblehead.