mardi, février 01, 2005

H+P Prezents Housewarming 2005

(And Now It's Too Warm)

Our mutual friends have lost their earthly goods in a fire which burned down their apartment building. No one is hurt, thank God. Still they've lost their junk (apart from guitars, paintings, wallets, and cell phone.) So, if anybody is in the mood to help them restock and replace and refurnish, please let me know and I'll fill you in on what's going on.

I know it's not right, but now that I know they're unharmed (physically, anyway), I have moved on to feeling an overpowering jealousy toward whoever gets to pick out their new towels and linens. (I am obsessed with towels and linens, I tell you. I could spend days at B,B and B. Is there any greater joy in this world than selecting bedding?) I just want to decorate their new place and dress their old bodies. (Not that old. Does "gently used" sound better?)

Do you think something's wrong with me?

(I love how I started with their catastrophe and ended with ME, ME, ME. Anyway, it's true they could use some serious house and heart warming.)

5 commentaires:

  1. Sign me up. I'll at least send some e-flowers. They don't smell as nice as the real ones, but they never wilt. Plus they come with free shipping.

    I say you save up your money, and pretend that your house burned down. Give away all of your towels and linens and start over. Or store them away, buy all new towels and linens, then in a few years when you're ready for a change switch back.

  2. Some mutual friends burned down? Where? Where? Life happens so quickly around this place...

  3. !!! Oh no. I'm glad the guitars made it out ok. I'm in. Sign me up or whatever.

  4. Gimme a call, boogaloo, and we'll discuss amongst ourselves.