lundi, février 21, 2005

SI Swimsuit Issue

Now why in the world don't I get back into that kind of shape? It's actually possible for me, but I can't be bothered...

Fat and Happy,


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  1. My sis tells me that her church bulletin had a reminder in it that men should just throw the swimsuit issue into the trash without opening it... pornography being pornography, they sed. I told her that if I throw something into the trash (say, Snickers Popables, for example), that I always open the package and dump the stuff straight into the garbage. I mean 'cuz otherwise... candy, swimsuit issue... you can always dig it back out and get a serious sugar high. (Hi, Sugar.)

  2. This also reminds me of the fashion illustration teacher I had who instructed us to go out and purchase the half-nekked issue for croquis ideas. It wasn't all that helpful, I must say. They tend to lean those models against stuff and you just don't sketch fashion figures that way. But the ones with their legs in the air... those I used. Constantly.

    (Wow. I sounded guy-esque just now. But I saved it by using "-esque", which, strictly speaking, is not very guy-esque.)

  3. you know...yr pretty hilarious...don't know if i've said that before...and yes, yes you could be one of those broads, but fat, i don't think fat is in yr bodies dictionary. i could fix that. it's called chicken stuff and it's possibly the worst stuff for you on the planet. ask for a recipe and you shall recieve. i promise.

  4. Lukas reminds me that I don't tell you yr hilarious, but I think it all the time. Yr High-larious, Ooool-ways.

  5. Yes. Hilarious she is. That's why I visit. That and it's one of my few chances to sing about prescription drugs.

  6. It's been seconded and thirded- I am hilarious! And speaking of prescriptions, I want that recipe, Lukieloo.

  7. No, she's a bitch!

    "I could look like that, but why bother..."

    Ooooo bitch bitch bitch...if I could make a "b" with my fingers and press it to my forehead, I would. Wait, I can. Oh the library patrons are afraid of me now....just kidding, you're not a bitch, but if you were ANY less nice I would consider it my duty to hate you.

    Ok, my moment of insecurity/envy is over. I now resume being my ass-kicking self. - L

  8. Ohhh, didn't even think about such things. My writing voice belongs to me alone, you know. Not a big social context to it (other than the fact that my social context shapes me and thus my writing voice. But that's boring and technical...)

    Anyhoo, L, just want you to know that the last French Vogue I saw likes you. A. LOT.


    Honest + Bitch