mercredi, avril 27, 2005

Can't have braces AND glasses

Or so I've decided. Mustn't let the nerd factor overwhelm the gorgeousness that is moi. ('Scuze me while I laugh at that... but not because it isn't true, mind you. I am stunning. It says so right here in my daily affirmation. And my daily affirmation never lies. Or at least it won't be lying after I use it thirty times. Or something. I should re-check the directions.) I have put off buying more frames/ lenses because I am bound and determined not to up my weak prescription. Driving at night, you say? I laugh at danger. I need a Looziana license, too, and as God is my witness I will never have a class B restriction again.

Amen. And goodnight. Before I'm off to my "banding appointment" tomorrow. Because there is no justice. I am not an invisalign candidate. Kill me now. Really. I mean a year ago I had several people tell me I looked nineteen. (Of course that was before I changed my eyebrows. Maybe now I look like Morgan le Fay. It is to be devoutly hoped. Betrayal, anyone?) If they are anything close to right, I am going to look like a stupid adolescent. Again. I know I keep complaining about this. And it's already boring, but I'll probably keep it up. Maybe I'll walk around with gunk in my braces trying to see how many people helpfully point it out. It'll be an experiment in human decency. The kindness of strangers and all that.

That's what I'll say anyway, when people point out the gunk in my braces.

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  1. did i mention you don't need braces?? i did..yr dentist is a swindler. dammit. and the glasses are nifty...makes u look that so bad? accentuates yr british face;)

  2. No, you DO need braces for your snaggles, and horn rims to go with. Napolean Dyno-MITE!

  3. You're BOTH right. (Not true but "peace at any price" is my motto.) I have brackety braces. I asked today and the consensus is that I now look like I'm FOURTEEN, not the ignoble 19 I'd expected. This just keeps on getting better.

    Jail bait,

  4. Great. Yet another older sibling people will assume is younger than me. Can you post a tooth shot so we can see what they look like?

  5. No. Meaning NO. I save this kind of salacious stuff for the chosen few. (Yikes.) Wouldn't be right to turn on folks who will never make the list.

    You know- "the list". That list. That list, there.

  6.'s good to know i'm not only one who's mistaken for the older sibling...eventhough i'm much younger...and 14 h+p? really? that's not possible. 18 maybe.
    besides...yr taaaallll

  7. K, that's been happening for years now, though. (Must be my marked immaturity.) And, L, I was this tall when I was thirteen, got braces at fourteen and if I lost fifteen pounds and grew my eyebrows out again, I would
    BE FOURTEEN again. Oh, yeah, and I'd have to be really shy but carry myself very well so that everyone who met me thought I was completely sure/full of myself.

    I could do all of it except the eyebrows. They made me look sweet and naive and we all know that would be false advertising at this point.

  8. you say eybrows growing out as to sound like i want mine to a crazy old man...vertical and pointy...and that makes me smile.

  9. Aaaaah, Spice Guild, no doubt. Mines were cute, though, not pointy.

  10. you are a dork, all watching movies with Sting in em.
    dig it.
    first couple books are much better tho.