mercredi, avril 27, 2005

Why don't I?

I have friends- male friends- who speak ill of women generally upon every occasion they possibly can. Supposedly, I am to understand that I am an exception. A veritable good woman, as it were. Hear ye, hear ye. Anyhoo, this complaining of theirs causes me to feel sorry for the mooks who've encountered the bad b-word time and again and also to wonder at their judgment.

But then I think- haven't I encountered just as much selfish idiocy in the males I've chosen to involve myself with? Why don't I lump all that is masculine into one sweaty pile and complain about them? And also, shouldn't someone feel sorry for my experiences? And wonder at my lack of judgment? I wonder at my lack of judgment. Hell, I don't think I'm really fit to judge anymore. I shall throw darts at names if choosing ever becomes a necessity again. Could I do worse? Yeppers. Could I do better? I no longer believe I'm capable. Is that growing up or giving up?

Just asking.

4 commentaires:

  1. I've had bitter friends like that before. Dump 'em or change 'em quick - it's far too contageous. Look there - your last few sentences - yep, looks like it's already spread.

  2. i am that bitter friend, no? and you can always do better i guess...but is anything perfect? ever? i mean really? wait...i can answer nothing is. except me;)

  3. You, Lukas, are 97% pure chocolate. Bitter and delish.

    On a good day, I feel like I could split my bullseye dart with a second one. (Third?)

    Aim high,

  4. i really should pay more attention.
    and all this time.