mardi, mai 03, 2005

Once More With Feeling (or I Needed A Laugh Today)

I put "Longmire does Romance Novels" back up there. Click on the title and enjoy his latest ones and a few new ones from contributors. I know I shouldn't laugh at some of these... but dear me. Crazy times call for crazy novel covers.

3 commentaires:

  1. I have to admit, though you can see I do so aka, that the best for me was the "Whiskers of Love" cover: Sea Flatulence, or words to that effect made me realize I like the oceans and the lakes for several reasons. Some things just can't be let loose out in the open on a mountain hike. Sorry to hear about your family member. I'm sure he's over it by now.

  2. Yeah, sorry about that family member thing. I hear those are going around. : ) Mmm, pizza. Tasty, too, as I recall. Does anybody know the number for "Two Men and a Two-By-Four?"

  3. Yes, Dabu, he's fine by now. And Sra, I like pizza. I like two x fours...